IBM has been Wimbledon's technology partner since 1990 and each year there have been various debates about what makes a great tennis champion and what does not. So, for this years championship, the topic of IBM's debate was around what makes a champion great. For the past 27 years, IBM has measured of 53 million points at Wimbledon and has analysed data from many of the great matches of all time, from Roger and Nadal to McEnroe and Borg, as well as looking at historical match data going back as far as 1877. To answer this question, Jeremy Waite, Evangelist at IBM Watson, read almost 100 articles about “What Makes Great” and collated the 13 habits from those articles, with advice from performance coaches, famous players and business leaders that contribute to greatness. 

1. Sacrifice Important Things

“Successful people just do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do” - John C. Maxwell

All of us only have 24 hours in a day. No amount of money or additional success is going to give us any more or any less. In order to achieve greatness, the most successful people (in sports and in business) have sacrificed spending time on less important things in order to focus on the things that really matter.

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