©Eiger Ultra-Trail

©Eiger Ultra-Trail

We are a few hours away from the start of this year’s Eiger Ultra-Trail. It is one of the most epic races in the calendar and passes alonge the infamous Eiger Nordwand. The trail measures 101 kilometres and holds over 6700 positive meters of altitude in hand. Whilst Marathon Des Sables was a challenge in its own way, the Eiger Ultra-Trail will be the most demanding race I will have competed in to date. It is a stunning course that guides us through the Swiss Alps and along some of the most beautiful trails in Europe.

Together with my girlfriend Rach, sister Annika, her boyfriend Pascal and my mate Simon we are representing Oceanic Global to raise awareness and funds for protecting our world’s oceans. Whilst Pascal and I will be taking on the E101, Annika tackles the 35-kilometre long race and Rach and Simon are daring to be the fastest in the E16 edition, which covers a distance of 16K.

I am not only super stoked to be undertaking this event together with my closest, but above all to be supporting such an important cause. Over the last few weeks, the papers and the Internet were covered with horrific- and scary-sounding headlines that have proven once more how crucial it is to take action now. The impact on plastic is ever so present and not only lethal for the inhabitants of the oceans, but also for us. Just now, on our flight from Vienna to Zurich, I have read another statistic that stated that every year over ten million tons of plastic end up in the water.

Whilst many may not see the immediate connection between the water and the mountain, it is the oceans that provide over 70 per cent of the oxygen we breath, which is not only necessary for us runners, but for us all.

Each of us is filled with excitement and energy, and we are hoping that by running a few kilometres through the Alps we can do our little share to help save the oceans.  

We kindly ask you to please support this great cause and give generously: Click here to donate

If you are interested in tracing our footsteps, you can track us via the following the link by using our last name and number: Click here to track

Pascal Molina – 489 | Berthold Nicklas Lange – 402

Annika Lange – 3261

Rachel Dwyer – 4201 | Simon Trautmann - 4696