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I had run for less than 30 minutes and covered a distance of under five kilometres, when I realized that today was going to be a tough day. In fact, the last weeks leading up to this day have not been as smooth as I had hoped them to be. It took me longer than expected to fully recover from Marathon Des Sables and shortly after I was back in training I picked up an injury on my left foot.

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We are a few hours away from the start of this year’s Eiger Ultra-Trail. It is one of the most epic races in the calendar and passes along the infamous Eiger Nordwand. The trail measures 101 kilometres and holds over 6700 positive meters of altitude in hand. Whilst Marathon Des Sables was a challenge in its own way, the Eiger Ultra-Trail will be the most demanding race I will have competed in to date. It is a stunning course that guides us through the Swiss Alps and along some of the most beautiful trails in Europe.

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