We have come to the point, where it is only a matter of hours until I will embark on the most challenging ultra marathon I will have faced up until today. On Sunday, 9th April around 9:00 am the over 250 kilometer long adventure will commence.

The organizers of Marathon Des Sables (MDS) have implemented a GPS service, which tracks and traces every step that my fellow runners and I are going to take. So, if you are curious to see where I am from Sunday onwards, you can check the official Marathon Des Sables website: Click here. Enter my name and bib number you should be able to find me. Based on the available list of participants, I am running under the name “Berthold Lange” and my bib number is 629.

Furthermore, throughout the race, you can send me messages via the MDS website by using the same credentials as above: Berthold Lange and 629. Each message will be printed out and distributed to my bivouac every night. Of course, I would very much appreciate every word of wisdom and motivation that I can get during the course of the event.

In addition to me receiving your words, the organization has installed a station from where each competitor will be able to send one message per day. You will be able to read such on my Facebook page every night: Click here.

Lastly, below you will find a short summary of what my next few days are going to look like:

06.04. - Arrival in Ouarzazate and meeting of fellow German runners.

07.04. - 8:30 departure for the desert. After around five hours on the bus, arrival at the first campsite.

08.04. - Technical briefing, administrative things, equipment and food check, as well as approval of medical certificate. 

09.04. - 11.04. - Three liaison stages each being around 35 kilometres long.  

12.04. - Non-stop stage that measures around 85 kilometres.

13.04. - Rest day. 

14.04. - Marathon stage marks the end of the official timing. Rankings will be determined by the end of the day. 

15.04. - Charity run in collaboration with Unicef that does not effect the ranking and is going to be around 15 kilometers long. Return to Ouarzazate. 

16.04. – 17.04. - Two rest days and free time in Ouarzazate

18.04. - Flight to Casablanca and stay for one night.

19.04. - Return to Barcelona.