©A Chacun Son Everest

©A Chacun Son Everest

I did not take long to decide that I wanted to do it again. I wanted to return to the Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc. After I had to drop out in the 2018 edition, I knew that I had to come back to Chamonix in order to complete the course. With that being said, I was also committed to be running in the name of A Chacun Son Everest (“ACSE”) again.

ACSE is a Chamonix-based charity that helps young children as well as women that have been suffering from cancer to overcome their personal fear and regain confidence in their body to continue their life journey. Together with her partners, ACSE has built a very special place in Chamonix for young children and women to come together to share their experiences and journey. During their time in Chamonix, the participants run through a number of activities that resemble the various stages one has to master, in order to ascend Mount Everest. Hence, the name A Chacun Son Everest, meaning Everybody’s Everest (More insights about ACSE in last year’s post: Click here). 

Running is very much an individual sport, yet by supporting a charitable cause, I feel that I can give this activity some sort of team spirit and additional purpose. While I run around the trails, I hope to not only be able to help the selected organisation, but shed light on various people and causes in need and making the ones around me aware of such, as well as reflect that their personal issues may not be as significant in perspective. In addition to running the 170 kilometer-long course around Mont Blanc, for this year’s fundraising campaign, I will also be taking part in the UltraDolomites trail-race at the end of June running 87 kilometers and covering more than 4600 meters of vertical gain.

Last year, we have been able to raise more than Euro 3000,00 for ACSE that have been used to buy new climbing equipment and cover parts of the expenses for a one week camp. This year, I am planning to do raise the same amount of money again, hoping to continuously support this great organisation, and above all, helping the patients fight their way back into life. 

Below you will find a summary of the individual initiatives that we are able to fund with the our donations (costs in Euro): 

  • 1 week camp for 1 person: 2.800,00

  • 1 day guide: 260,00

  • 1/2 day guide: 150,00

  • Yoga guide: 65,00

  • Climbing instructor: 220,00

  • Sitski instructor: 270,00

  • Sled dog: 330,00

  • Climbing equipment: 1.000,00

Please click the button below to donate, or send me a message to arrange for a bank transfer. 

Many, many thanks for your support. Your help is much appreciated indeed.

May no mountain be too high!

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