Frankfurt is often doomed to be a bankers-only city, crowded with boring people in a suit that do not have a life. Well, partly this is very true. Yet, if I do not wear my suit, there are a number of cool things to do in the city. Being one of the key financial cities in the world, it is a cosmopolitan place and is called home by more and more expats. Frankfurt certainly is not a city you will fall in love with on first sight, but a city that certainly has its own charm and advantages. In case you work in finance, consulting or as a lawyer, it is small and you get around fast.


As always there are number of options to stay overnight in Frankfurt, just like in any other city. I think the 25hours hotels, one situated in Bahnhofsviertel (The Trip) and the other located in Ostend (The Goldman), are two great options if you are looking for a good hotel. Alternatively, the Premier Inn is good value for money, similar the Adina, but at a higher standard. Both are located in central locations and walking distance to the main sights listed below.  


Elaine’s Deli is a trendy cafe tucked away inside the Museum for Modern Art. The coffee is great and the food is decent. It is located in the shadow of the big skyscrapers with a big terrace and right at a green square. Alternatively, Walden is also a good place to grab a bite to eat or coffee. The same owners also run Oosten, which is located right by the river, hence perfect for brunch. You can sit in the sun and enjoy the views across the Frankfurt skyline. For the coffee lovers among, incl. myself, my favourite places are Hoppenworth & Ploch, The Espresso Bar and The Holy Cross Brewery. Last but not least, is my local cafe named Bremann’s Deli. Run by Rachel, a Tel-Aviv-native, her places brings Israeli’s ambiance and food to the Westend. Also, Brenmann’s offers a selection of freshest bread and pastry from artisan bakery Mehlwassersalz.


I am big fan of Japanese food. Luckily, there are selection of top-notch sushi-makers in the city. Haru Sushi makes great Korean-inspired sushi. Higematsu is a hidden little restaurant with a Japanese flair and with mainly Japanese guests, which I assume underlines their authentic Japanese food. Superkato is actually a tiny Japanese grocery store, yet they are preparing some of the most amazing tasting sushi on demand. Another Asian restaurant that I like to recommend is Ramen-Ju. The clue sits within the name. In my opinion it is the best place for ramen in the city.

I spoke about Israeli food above. Bar Shuka is another Israeli-inspired place. The place is situated within the 25hours hotel. A hip, trendy, authentic, open-kitchen restaurant with a great menu, good drinks and overall nice vibe. Hidden within the Schirn gallery, you will find Badia’s, which rounds up the hummus vibes. 

If you don’t like sushi and falafel, EatDoori is an easy-going and cool Indian restaurant serving super food. In addition, Fabbri-ca is my favorite Italian restaurant. It is owned by passionate Italians prepare fresh pasta and risotto among other delights. 

On the upper end of the food chain, Seven Swans and Gustav, both Michelin-starred restaurants, are making vegan food look cool and taste delicious. Seven Swans, located within a former apartment building, spreads across four floors. I suggest to either sit on the top floor on the private balcony with views across the Skyline or in the main area right at the window to look across the river. Also, I suggest to come before your booking to enjoy a drink in The Tiny Cup bar. Similar style of food, within an equally beautiful setting, I propose Gustav, which is creating magic out of locally sourced produce. Make sure that you call in advance to let them know about dietary requirements, e.g. being vegan.

In contrast, to the previous fine-dining experiences, Blaues Wasser is a super cool concept right by the water and within an industrial park. You can bring your book, relax and have a drink on the weekend, as well as come by for dinner in the evening.


Bar ohne Name (literally the bar without a name) is a hip place with only a few places to sit inside, which does not matter as the guests mostly stand out outside. The Parlour is certainly among my favorite places in Frankfurt. It is a great speakeasy bar hidden behind an unassuming door and serving excellent cocktails. 

As I’ve mentioned above, Bahnshofviertel is becoming more gentrified, and turns into a go-to-place in the evening. Plank is a cool bar at night and cafe during the day, where you meet bankers and artists alike. Maxie Eisen is an equally trendy destination, not very vegan friendly, but I heard the pastrami is great, as well as the drinks are good. Not far from the two, you’ll find AMP. If you are keen to dance, you can do so inside, while the majority of the crowd mingles outside. 

I like to visit one of the bars on Opernplatz or Fressgass to enjoy one drink or two, while having a chat with friends and watching people walking by. Here, I suggest to find a table at Papa Enj or Envy. Only a short walk away, Chinaski is another great place. While they offer coffee and lunch during the day, in the evening you can stop by for your post-work beer, and if you feel groovy, eventually head downstairs for a dance. 


If you are fan of techno music, then Robert Johnson, which is located in Offenbach (30 minutes drive from downtown) is a must-visit. Partly owned by the famous Sven Väth, Robert Johnson regularly pulls in the scene’s greatest DJs. Alternatively, Gibson is Robert’s commercial little brother and particularly popular among the young professionals of the city on Thursday evening. 


If you are into fancy clothing, Goethestraße will be your paradise. For a selection of cool brands, fashion items, sneakers and accessories, make sure to stop by Ubervart, Hayashi and The Listener. Aside from the freshest clothes, you should certainly visit Kleinmarkthalle to source the freshest ingredients for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Saturdays, after you’ve filled your bags with some a selection of organically-sourced goodies, grab a bottle of Rose, enjoy the music and good vibes among the people outside.


As I have mentioned in my intro, Frankfurt is not all too boring. In fact, I hope that my suggestions already offer enough things for you to do and enjoy. If you are into art, there a number of museums scattered along the Museumsufer serving various interests and tastes. Nevertheless, my personal favorite is the Schirn, which is mainly focused on modern art and regularly hosting great exhibitions by famous artists. The latest show was by one of favorite artists Jean-Michel Basquiat.

In line with the majority of the content on my blog, I like to recommend to go for a run along the Main river in the morning to welcome the day. Alternatively, take the metro (line U3) to Hohemark and explore the Taunus, whether you go for a hike, walk, run or cycle, it is definitely worth the trip. by

Lastly, Rheingau is Germany’s most popular wine region and home to a number of stunning vineyards and castles. It is only a short drive or train ride of around one hour away. Prepare a pick-nick and lay within the vineyards. The wine itself you can buy directly from vineyards.  Robert Weil and Schloss Johannisberg are two of my favourites.