What defines ‘lifestyle’ today and which brands are really defining it? The strategy of moving beyond products and services to own a larger slice of the customer’s identity has proven to be an excellent recipe for success. Today's leading lifestyle brands are the likes of Airbnb, Rapha and Tesla, which perfectly reflect people's busy, mobile and demanding lives. They touch upon the consumer's individual style and are influenced by the way we choose to live.

Technological innovation is the number one influencer as it continuously offers us new ways to create, curate, and customize every aspect of our lives. Premiumization, customization, and the sharing economy are radically changing the idea of lifestyle branding. From a consumer perspective, we want brands to understand, simplify, and facilitate our individual daily needs while providing us with unique, exciting, as well as challenging and inspiring experiences. 

Brandingmag has taken on this question and summarised their top five principles: 

1. Create A Community

Brands need to embrace and infiltrate the macro shift towards a sharing economy and understand the importance of building a community of like-minded individuals and partners. Companies must continue to innovate around their consumer’s specific choice of lifestyle but, more than that, they should nurture their ethos and attitude.