At Google's big I/O conference in 2012, Glass celebrated it first appearance to the public. It gained immediate attention and it was named Time's product of the year. However, only three years later, it seemed that Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had given up their idea of Glass for good. Astro Teller, who runs Alphabet's X division admitted that they got "a little off track", in fact "we got more than a little off track” he added in an interview with Wired Magazine. In January 2015, its website read, “thanks for exploring with us”, but reminded the public that “the journey doesn’t end here.”

A couple of years onwards, Sergey Brin's passion project is back. Alphabet had devoted a small group to develop a practical workplace tool that saves time and money. It is called Glass Enterprise Edition. It allows workers to shift between the virtual and the actual world, by offering an immersive form of augmented reality, which overlays digital information on top of the real world. Jay Kothari, who is the project lead of Glass says that “this isn't an experiment. It was an experiment three years ago. Now we are in full-on production with our customers and with our partners.”

Glass is back, and it will be interesting to see what its future will bring. It most certainly would offer interesting prospects to be utilised within the health and fitness industry. Maybe a Google Glass Sports Edition that shows real-time data, navigates me around the trail and then notifies me what to eat and drink post-workout? I think I would wear it. 

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