@Mattia Bonavida for Garda Trentino Trail

@Mattia Bonavida for Garda Trentino Trail

I have not updated my blog for a pretty long time. Time has literally flown by and three months are gone just like that. Since February, plenty of exciting things have happened, but I shall try to keep this post short and simple.

Last time I posted on here, I was intending to run the Marathon in Milan and a couple of weeks later I was aiming to complete my first ultra marathon in Istria, Croatia. Both races most certainly took place, but without my participation. A minor injury, but mainly poor, wrong and faulty training from my side, lead me to call off both races. I underwent multiple health and fitness checks and reached out to a former fitness coach I had trained with a couple of years ago, when I was still playing field hockey. Together, we decided to cancel the two events and focus on the race that is now less than 48 hours away.  

Coach Baum had created a two months training program that will hopefully enable me to run across the mountains on Saturday. So, along with Spotpeek, the venture I am working on with my two mates, I spent the past few weeks collecting kilometers and altitude difference, preparing for the Garda Trentino Trail (GTT). GTT takes place at the northern tip of Lake Garda in Italy. It is a 60 kilometer race with an altitude gain of 3500 meters. 

I am utterly excited for Saturday and to compete in my first ultra marathon. I have genuinely no clue what to expect and how my body is going to react, but I guess I have done my homework and can confidently look ahead to the race. I will keep you posted and let you know how it went. Also, I will tell you more about Coach Baum, as he is going to accompany, coach and train me on my way to Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in 2018. Lastly and above all I will elaborate on our plans regarding Spotpeek. 

The event is now less than 48 hours away, so I better get off this machine and collect some sleep and rest.