©Bulent Kilic / Getty

©Bulent Kilic / Getty

First and foremost, thank you, thank you all so much for having read, shared or even donated to my cause. It was my first time to organize a fund raiser as such and I had no idea how it would turn out. In the end, we were able to raise a total of €805.00 as a collective, of which I am very proud and thankful for, indeed. It shows what one can achieve by using the power of a community. 

It all started with a small idea that eventually turned into something tangible and impactful. In August, I spent a couple of days at home in Italy. My daily running route takes me up the mountains, through the woods, along the olive plantations, overlooking Lake Garda. It is a breath taking and inspiring trail. The run takes around one hour and a half and never disappoints to amaze. Yet, this time was different.

As I am surrounded by the beauty of nature, hit by the warmth of the sun rays and looking up into the ocean blue sky, I was thinking about the selfishness of this sport. I had played field hockey for more than 15 years. Field hockey is a team sport. A sport that lives from the allure of training, winning or loosing together as a team, together as one unit. Any athlete, who as ever played football, handball, rugby or similar, will know the emotions I am trying to describe here. Field hockey has certainly taught me lessons for life and played a major in role in forming me into the person I am today. 

The idea of a team sport is the single and biggest aspect that running cannot replace. Whilst running through the hills of Lake Garda, I came to think of how I could implement such into this individual sport. I wanted to transform this egocentric activity into an individual team sport by giving it a communal meaning. In the light of the Munich Marathon and the on-going refugee crisis in Europe, I decided to raise awareness and funds for the UNHCR. It was a spontaneous, yet successful spark of an idea. As I have outlined above, we were able to collect €805.00, in a relatively short period of time. Money that will be used by the UNHCR to support and treat and the incoming refugees at the boarders with life saving equipment. The UN Refugee Agency will be providing shelter, medical, as well as psychological support to the people, helping them on their journey to find a new and save habitat.  

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